Beacon log for callsign SP2FWF, with 44 total loggings, all band counted
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SP2FWFEdek01.02.201020:460.5559JO92IX610FT817ND , ant delta 86m. 73! Ed
SP2FWFEdek22.01.201020:070.5549JO92IX610ft817nd,delta 86m,up9m 73! Ed
SP2FWFEdek19.01.201020:030.5549JO92IX610ft817nd,ant delta 86m up 9m.fb beacon 73! Ed
SP2FWFEd20.12.200920.330.5549JO92IX610ft817nd,ant delta 86m.73! Ed
SP2FWFEd11.12.200923.140.5529JO92IX610ft817nd ant delta 86m up9m 73!.
SP2FWFEd07.12.200919.510.5549JO92IX610TRX FTY 817ND ant Delta 86m up 9m 73!! Ed
SP2FWFEd28.11.200920.450.5529JO92IX610FT 817ND ant delta 86m.73! Ed
SP2FWFEd19.11.200920.390.5529JO92IX610ft817nd ant delta86m up 9m.73!Ed
SP2FWFEd15.11.200921.220.5539JO92IX610ft817nd ant delta 86m.73! Ed
SP2FWFEd14.11.200921.380.5329JO92IX610ft817,ant 86 m.up 9m.Fb beacon tnx yes qsb yes very very ufb es tnx .Ed
SP2FWFEdek10.11.200920.500.5549JO92IX610ft817nd ant delta 86m.73! Ed
SP2FWFEdek09.11.200922.550.5539JO92IX610ft817nd , delta 86m up 9m. 73! Ed
SP2FWFEdek04.11.200921.240.5529JO92IX610Ant delta 86m FT817ND 73! Ed
SP2FWFEdward16.11.201610.1110579JO92IX61073! Ed
SP2FWFEd31.01.201614.0010599JO92IX610Fb!! vy 73! Ed
SP2FWFEd8-01-201513:4710599JO92IX610Super!!! GL 2015 Es 73!! ED
SP2FWFEd20.03.201111:2210579JO92IX610TRX FT 817ND ant delta 3.5MC up.9m.GL 73!.
SP2FWFEd17.03.201110:5710579JO92IX610FT 817ND ant delta 85m up 9m. 73!
SP2FWFEdek07.03.201110.0010599 pluJO92IX610ufb QRPP.Ant delta 88m,up 9m TRX FT 817ND
SP2FWFEd07.11.201015:1510579JO92IX610FT 817ND ant Delta 85m up9m.73!.
SP2FWFEdek17.09.201013:3710599JO92IX610FT817ND,ant delta 86m up 9m. 73! Ed
SP2FWFEdek / Ed21.08.201012:5910579JO92IX610Ft817ND , ant delta 86m up 9m. 73! Ed
SP2FWFed20.07.201010:5110569JO92IX610FT817ND delta 3,530 MHz up.9m 73! Ed
SP2FWFEdek19.01.201012:4810579JO92IX610FT817ND , ant Delta 86m up 9m ,73! Ed
SP2FWFEd13.12.200910.3110589JO92IX610ft817nd ant delta 86m. 73!.
SP2FWFEd19.11.200911.0910589JO92IX610fb!.Beacon.My trx ft 817nd ant 86m up 9m.73! Ed
SP2FWFEdek25.10.200912.0510599+JO92IX610FT817ND,ant delta 86m,up 9m.73! Ed
SP2FWFEdek15.05.201007:183.5539JO92IX610ft817nd , Delta 86mtr,up 9mtr.73!.
SP2FWFEdek13.03.201006:203.5549JO92IX610ft817nd ant delta 86m up 9 m. 73!
SP2FWFEdek19.01.201020:303.5539JO92IX610ft817nd,ant delta 86m.73! Ed
SP2FWFEd28.12.200917.153.5539JO92IX610ft817nd,ant delta 86m up 9m. 73!
SP2FWFEd20.12.200920.403.5539JO02IX910ft817nd,ant delta 86,up9m.73! Ed
SP2FWFEd17.12.200906.433.5529JO92IX610ft817nd and delta 86m.73!Ed
SP2FWFEd11.12.200921.213.5539JO92IX610ft817nd ant Delta 86m up9m 73!
SP2FWFEd22.11.200915.303.5579JO92IX610QRM Test.Fb beacon.My trx ft817nd ant delta 86m.73! Ed
SP2FWFEd19.11.200920.433.5539JO92IX61073! Ed
SP2FWFEd15.11.200921.253.5559JO92IX610ft817nd ant delta 86m.73! Ed
SP2FWFEd14.11.200921.223.5579JO92IX610Ft817nd , ant delta 86m.QRM very test fb beacon sk6rud.Tnx Ed
SP2FWFEdek09.11.200922.013.5529JO92IX610ft817nd ant 86mtr.73 Ed
SP2FWFEdek08.11.200919.003.5589JO92IX610ft817nd,ant delta 86m up 9m.73!Ed
SP2FWFEdek04.11.200921.273.5579JO92IX610ant delta 86m ft817nd 73! Ed
SP2FWFEdek04.11.200907.323.5539 QRJO92IX610ant delta 86m up 9m trx ft817nd 73! Ed
SP2FWFEdek31.10.200918.313.5569JO92IX610ft817nd,ant delta 86m up 9m.73! Ed