Beacon log for callsign DL6NVC, with 5 total loggings, all band counted
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DL6NVCDennis2009-Sept-1800:500.5349JO62RM538Berlin * signal audible due to interference with local QRM carriers * ANT 10m wire loop abt. 10m agl * RX simple homemade superhet, BW = 750Hz
DL6NVCDennis13.VI.200900:28 - 00:590.5539JO62RM538RST 539 at max., Signal was mostly audible over the 31min observing time. Tonight again no local carriers on 500.000kHz, which unfortunately isn't usual here. * ANT abt.15sqm wireloop not tuned, RX-IF BW 150Hz * Thank You!
DL6NVCDennis29.May to 30.May 20023:33 - 00:510.5559JO62RM538qth Berlin city / RX homemade, simple superhet, BW abt.110Hz (mechanical Filter) / ANT wireloop abt. 15sqm, 10m agl. inside a linden tree /// finally and for the first time here 500,000kHz qrg without local interferences! Your signal was surprisingly strong and quite constant, varying beetween say 439 and 559 over the 78 minutes observation time. Thanks!
DL6NVCDennis2008-Dec-0502:05 - 02:160.5R2JO62RM538Berlin city. 10sqm indoor wireloop + simple homemade RX * SK6RUD audible again by putting a slight interference onto a local qrm carrier
DL6NVCDennis2008-Dec-032:06 - 2:140.5349JO62RM538 Berlin city. QRG seems to be blocked by a constant local carrier 24h/7d. But isn't there a very gentle, barely audible, "somehow keyed", abt. 2 Hertz interference on this carrier? Yes! Tonight I counted the timing of this interference! Managed to write down the qrss ... -.- -.... .-. ..- -.. and ears/brain even managed to copy fragments of the fast cw sequence!