Beacon log for callsign DF1PH, with 37 total loggings, all band counted
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DF1PHUwe13.08.200919:2210539 -JO30RM837
DF1PHUwe17.06.200909:4810519JO30RM837very weak, some mintes ago displaced by coded CW from Mossad? 73 de Uwe DF1PH
DF1PHuwe04.06.200902:0810579JO30RM837light but deep qsb
DF1PHuwe05.11.200811:4810529 -JO30RM837steady qsb
DF1PHUwe17.10.200810:5110579JO30RM837Some qsb down to S1
DF1PHUwe11092008083510519JO30RM837qsb down to unreadable
DF1PHuwe29.05.0803:2410559JO30RM837sporadic e coming up vy early. vy noisy band by upcoming thunderstorms.
DF1PHuwe27.05.2008224510439JO30RM837little qsb, qrm by teleprinter
DF1PHUwe19.02.0812:021053 - JO30RM837vy deep and slow qsb
DF1PHUwe12.02.200814:4010579JO30RM837lite and slow qsb; besides the trouble about VP6DX; they are claiming the whole bands with their abnormal split
DF1PHUwe06.02.200811:1510539 -JO30RM837quite good sigs with deep qsb after the british radar on cyprus has gone!
DF1PHUwe04.02.200812:2510559 -JO30RM837deep qsb
DF1PHUwe30.01.200810:2310539 -JO30RM837vy slow but deep qsb; entire EU is calling VP6PR :-)
DF1PHUwe08.01.0809:3010559JO30RM837vy constant, slow but deep fading hny 2008 to all
DF1PHUwe30.12.20078:4010539JO30RM837little, but deep qsb; gl in 2008 24 MHz not yet heared
DF1PHUwe25.12.200711:0010559JO30SM834signal going down to S0, slow but deep qsb.Wish the whole gang happy xmas!
DF1PHUwe19.12.200710:0510539 -JO30SM834teleprinter in the background
DF1PHUwe18.12.20089:2710559JO30SM834some qsb down to S1 and a little qrn
DF1PHUwe17.12.200^710;5010559JO30SM834little qsb and so far no qrh :-) no wind blowing at the crystal? hi
DF1PHUwe11.12.200708:5810539JO30SM834heavy qrn, sporadic E coming up,signal strength increasingby time
DF1PHUwe09.12.200709:0010359JO30SM834today vy weak; strong qsb and still qrh +- ~10Hz :-)
DF1PHUwe06.12.200710:3510539 -JO30SM834qsb and qrh +-10 Hz
DF1PHUwe05.12.200711:5310559JO30SM834qsb and qrh!!! qrh abt +- 10 Hz; do you have the door open and the wind is blowing at the crystal?
DF1PHUwe27.11.200711:1510559JO30SM834qsb + qrn
DF1PHUwe12.11.200711:3510539JO30GM864heavy qsb and qrn
DF1PHuwe03.04.200800:103.5419JO30RM837vy noisy band
DF1PHuwe28.03.0823:253.5359JO30RM837vy noisy band, mni qrn
DF1PHUwe23.02.200802:113.554 9JO30RM837qrh ca -10Hz on keying
DF1PHUwe14.02.0803:403.5439 qJO30RM837vy qrn and your sigs are qri - stormy in sweden?
DF1PHUwe22.12.200701:453.5559JO30SM834heavy qrm; event. static fog?
DF1PHUwe18.12.200702:503.5339JO30SM837heavy qrn; and very dark!
DF1PHUwe10.12.200705:153.5228JO30SM834vy strong qrn; just hearable above the noise level
DF1PHUwe06.12.200719:283.5359JO30SM834qsb +qrn
DF1PHUwe02.12.0719553.5599JO30PH863vy strong qrn and lite qsb