Beacon log for callsign DJ1ZB, with 5 total loggings, all band counted
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DJ1ZBHa-Jo BrandtOctober 13th, 200923.05 UTC0.5579 fbJN68GN977Nice signal, S-meter is moving!
DJ1ZBHa-Jo10. June 200900.02 0.5579JN68GN977In summertime I have to wait until midnight UTC to hear your signal, but still 579 in peaks. 73 Ha-Jo, DJ1ZB
DJ1ZBHa-Jo Brandt15. Sept 200800.00 0.5469 QJN68GN977 Equipment: Wire Loop 17 m circumference, northbound, selective preamplifier. converter to 14 MHz, all homebrew to old TS-830s as receiver. Congrats for new MF antenna and equipment from SM6BHZ 73 Ha-Jo, DJ1ZB
DJ1ZBHa-Jo Brandt7. Sept. 200823.450.5349 QJN68GN977 So far You will have just a report on 10 MHz from me, but now I have read about your 500 kHz station on the RSGB LF Server, and I can report that I can hear your CW signals audible on 500 kHz but qrn is still high and QSB also deep, so that I miss many letters. I could copy your QTH as JO67KI. But in the following months night propagation will improve, and so I do hope I will be able to listen to You without any problems. Keep your beacon going! 73 Ha-Jo, DJ1ZB
DJ1ZBHa-Jo Brandt22. Dec. 200713.17 UTC10569 vJN68GN977569 is rapport by ear. In reality no movement of S-meter, but sufficient over the noise