Beacon log for callsign IZ4ISF, with 8 total loggings, all band counted
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IZ4ISFDave03/05/1920:4010549JN54SJ1442Rig: FTDX3000 Ant: fishing pole 10mtrs long in slooper configuration on the balcony about 8mtrs above GND
IZ4ISFDave31/08/1820:0510559JN54SJ1442Rig: Yaesu FTDX3000 Ant: Fishing pole 10 mtrs long on the balcony. QTH: Castel San Pietro.
IZ4ISFDave26/03/1714:5810539JN54SJ1442Rig: Yaesu 450D Ant: Fishing pole 10 meters long on the balcony QTH: Castel San Pietro (BO) Italy Remarks: QSB from 539 to 519
IZ4ISFDavide19/03/1616:2210589JN54SJ1442Location: Castel San Pietro Terme (nr Imola) 80 meters above sea level. Rig FT817, vert. antenna Oubacker Outreach (3 meters long) on mag mount on the car. Very strong QSB: peak 589 to 317.
IZ4ISFDave02/07/1019:5610539JN54SJ1442Rig YAESU FT817 == Ant Mag Loop on the balcony! ==QTH Castel S.Pietro Terme nr Bologna North Italy.
IZ4ISFDavide16/05/1016:2010419JN54SJ1442Rig Yaesu FT817 = Ant is Mag Loop on the balcony = QTH nr Bologna = fast QSB today. Always nice to listen to your beacon! 73 Dave
IZ4ISFDavide06/12/200906:4510419JN54SJ1442My rtx is Yaesu FT 817 and I use a fishing pole (7 meters long) on the balcony with an angle of 45 degrees at about 10 meters from the ground. I connect the antenna to the transiver by an homemade UN-UN with a 4:1 ratio. Great job guys! It's always a pleasure to receive your cw qrp signal.
IZ4ISFDAVIDE12/07/0905:3010519JN54SJ1442FB! Nice signal in north Italy! My ant. is a fishing pole 7meters long on the balcony and rig is Yaesu FT817. Great work my friends!