Beacon log for callsign DL2GWZ, with 28 total loggings, all band counted
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DL2GWZAlex01-Feb-20249:5410539 QSBJN49FH939Not so strong this morning but well readible in positive QSB phases. RXED at KX2 and 13 m vertical antenna.
DL2GWZAlex24-Jan-202416:2510529JN49FH939Not too strong today but 100% readible. RXed at 13 m vertical and KX2.
DL2GWZAlex02-Jan-202412:3610579JN49FH939Vy strong today rxed with 22 m endfed antenna and G90
DL2GWZAlex08-Dez-202309:0010589JN49FH939Unusually loud this morning, up to S8 on my 12 m vertical and IC-7300.
DL2GWZAlex06-Dez-202309:0510559JN49FH939Nice signal at 12 m vertical and IC-7300
DL2GWZAlex24-Nov-202314:3510579JN49FH939Really strong right now at vertical EFHW and IC-705
DL2GWZAlex24-Nov-202308:1910539JN49FH939Nice clear signal this morning at VEFHW and IC-705
DL2GWZAlex22-Nov-202314:2710549JN49FH939Clear signal at IC-705 and vertical EFHW
DL2GWZAlex21-Nov-202308:5310559JN49FH939Very good reception this morning on the Vertical EFHW with IC-705
DL2GWZAlex11-Sept-202310:1710529JN49FH939RCVD at 21 m end fed wire
DL2GWZAlex17-Feb-202308:2210559JN49FH939IC-7300 at quarterwave vertical
DL2GWZAlex14-Feb-2023171210559JN49FH939Xiegu G90 at quarterwave vertical
DL2GWZAlex14-Feb-202312:1510329JN49FH939Xiegu G90 / Vertical quarterwave
DL2GWZAlex14-Feb-202309:0810559JN49FH939UFB signal on G90 and L/4 Vertical
DL2GWZAlex01-Feb-202309:1910559JN49FH939Loud w/ RST 559, RIG: Xiegu G90, Vertical quarterwave
DL2GWZAlex30-Jan-202310:1510519JN49FH939RCVD at Lamdba/4 vertical and Xiegu G90
DL2GWZAlex10-Jan-202308:3010539JN49FH939RCVD with 20 m endfed wire at 10 m above ground and FT-818ND.
DL2GWZAlex06-Oct-202207:1010559JN49FH939Signal just came up. RCVD at 20 m long EFHW with IC-7300, audidable very well, no QSB
DL2GWZAlex23-Sept-202212:3510539JN49FH939RCVD at 20 m long EFHW with QCX mini, audidable very well, little QSB
DL2GWZAlex20-Sept-202214:1010559JN49FH939RCVD at 20 m long EFHW with QCX mini, audidable very well and stable this afternoon with very little QSB
DL2GWZAlex20-Sept-202211:2610529JN49FH939RCVD at 20 m long EFHW with QCX mini, audidable well and stable this morning with little QSB
DL2GWZAlex20.09.202208:4010559JN49FH939RCVD at 20 m long EFHW with QCX mini, audidable well and stable this morning with little QSB
DL2GWZAlex19-May-202207:5510319JN49FH939RCVD at 20 m long EFHW with IC-7300 Weak with QSB this morning
DL2GWZAlex18.05.202214:3510419JN49HQ896RCVD with 20m long EFHW and IC-7300, weak but stable signal
DL2GWZAlex16.05.2022210210559JN49FH939RCVD at 20 m long EFHW with IC-7300 Really loud now
DL2GWZAlex16.05.2022194510539JN49FH939RCVD with 20m long EFHW and IC-7300 Stable signal
DL2GWZAlex16.05.202206:5010529JN49FH939RCVD at 20 m long EFHW with IC-7300
DL2GWZAlex25-Jan-202212:0010549JN49FG944Received at 1.2 telescopic antenna, 1 m above ground and FT-818