Beacon log for callsign F5DE, with 11 total loggings, all band counted
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F5DEBernard21/3/202421/0010559JN05DP1559FB signal tonight ! Rx : TS590SG, Antenna : GP. QTH : near the city of Angoulême, South-West part of France. 73 de Bernard, F5DE.
F5DEBernard28/05/202305:0010579JN05DP1559fb signal with a bit of QSB RX : TS-590SG + DX88 GP Antenna
F5DEBernard07/05/2023144510539JN05DP1559TS590SG, GP antenna
F5DEBernard01/02/202317:1510569JN05DP1559fb signal ! TS-590SG, GP antenna. QTH : Touvre in the SW part of France. 73 to the team.
F5DEBernard27/10/202220:2210539JN05DP1559fb sig : 539 with preamp OUT, 559 with preamp ON. RIG here : TS-590SG + multiband GP antenna. 73 to the group, Bernard, F5DE.
F5DEBernard30/04/2022203510559JN05DP1559nice to listen to SA6RR on 10133 kHz ! Report from 559 to 579. 73 to the team, de Bernard, F5DE.
F5DEBernard29/12/202014:3010559JN05DP1559IC7400 GP Antenna 100 m asl please excuse me for wrong date 15 minutes ago, it is 29/12/2020 @ 14:15 UTC
F5DEBernard21/12141510529JN05DP1559IC7400 GP antenna 100 m asl
F5DEBernard2018/02/1513:3010559JN05DP1559fb signal in SW France. rig : FT840 and multiband trap GP antenna. 73 de Bernard, F5DE.
F5DEBernard20/05/082115 UTC10579JN05DP1559vy nice signal for my first listening of the SK6RUD Beacon. RX : TS850S, antenna : Vertical DX88. QTH : 10 kms east of the city of Angoulême. Keep up the good work and 73 to all listeners !
F5DEBernard2007-9-1722303.5439JN05DP1560QTH : 10 kms east of Angouleme on the south-West part of France. RX : TS850. Antenna : shortened GP, not very effective for 80 meters band. It was a pleasure to listen to the QRPP beacon that night. Keep up the good work and 73 QRO to the team.