Beacon log for callsign M0HNK, with 17 total loggings, all band counted
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M0HNKRichard05/03/2408:5510539IO81QV1163Received with RSPduo and attic dipole. Some qsb but signal up to around 15dB above local noise.
M0HNKRichard1/12/2311:1510559IO81QV1163Slight qsb with signal occasionally fading out, but generally very clear signal into western England (Herefordshire). Signal 10-20 dB above noise floor. Wellbrook loop (ALA5030LN) with RSP1a.
M0HNKRichard11/10/2316:4010559IO81QV1163Signal up to around 15 dB above local noise floor here in western England, but with some QSB during which signal briefly drops out completely. Received with RSP1a using trapped dipole (40/30/20 m) in attic. 73 de Richard
M0HNKRichard01/09/2313:4010449IO81QV1163Fairly rapid qsb, signal at best 20 dB above noise, typically around 15dB above noise but briefly disappearing entirely so several transmit cycles needed to decode message fully. Receiver RSP Duo with attic dipole (trapped 20/30/40m).
M0HNKRichard29/8/2316:4010439IO81QV1163Signal occasionally up to almost 20dB above local noise, but mostly around 10 dB above noise and sometimes fading out completely for a few seconds. RSPDuo receiver with trapped dipole (20/30/20m) in attic. 72 de Richard
M0HNKRichard14/8/2307:0010579IO81QV1163Unusually clear and steady signal into western England for this time of the morning - signal steady and 20 dB above local noise. Trapped attic dipole (40/30/20m) with RSP Duo receiver.
M0HNKRichard01/08/2318:5010539IO81QV1163Clear but weak signal into western England, fairly steady with a little QSB. Receiver SW30+ (K1SWL design) with trapped attic dipole (40/30/20m)
M0HNKRichard24/07/202316:5010549IO81QV1163Very clear at times (up to around 18dB above the noise) but heavy QSB and at times becoming inaudible. RSP Duo receiver switching between trapped attic dipole (20/30/40 m) and homebrewed broadband magnetic loop. Similar results with both antennas.
M0HNKRichard10/07/2321:0010579IO81QV1163Easily 579 tonight, with signal up to 40 dB above the noise (noise at around -98 dBm in 500 Hz bandwidth). Trapped attic dipole (40/30/20m) around 6 or 7 metres above ground level. Receiver RSPDuo.
M0HNKRichard06/07/202313:1010439IO81QV1163RSP Duo & attic dipole. Signal sometimes fading to become only partially readable but, at best, clear although quite weak.
M0HNKRichard26/06/2320:0010549IO81QV1163Nice clear signal into Western England (Ross on Wye, Herefordshire). Wellbrook Loop antenna & RSP Duo receiver. Signal typically 10-15 dB (but up to 20 dB) above noise floor (which was about -108 dBm in 500 Hz bandwidth).
M0HNKRichard16/06/202319:4010449IO81QV1163OHR100a with attic dipole (trapped 20/30/40m). Prominent QSB, signal clear at one moment & down in the noise a few seconds later.
M0HNKRichard21/12/2212:5010449IO81QV1163Signal mostly fair but with QSB. At best 10 dB above noise, typically around 5 dB above noise but sometimes buried in noise floor. RSP1a & attic dipole.
M0HNKRichard15/12/2219:3010339IO81QV1163Signal typically 339 but strong QSB and signal sometimes disappearing into noise but occasionally rising up to 15 dB above noise floor. Receiver RSP1a, antenna attic dipole oriented NNW-SSE
M0HNKRichard12/12/2214:3510439/559IO81QV1163Variable signal with strong QSB, but at best, very clear
M0HNKRichard07/12/2214:1510539IO81QV1163Strong QSB, signal disappearing completely at times but, at best, up to 15dB above my local noise floor (500 Hz filter). Attic dipole & RSP1a.
M0HNKRichard05/12/2216:5510549IO81QV1163Heard with trapped dipole (20/30/40m) in attic, rig RSP1a.