Beacon log for callsign F4FAP, with 38 total loggings, all band counted
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F4FAPEricJune 01 2024074510519IN98ED1407Weak but clear. FT817 + short whip on a balcony. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric29 oct 2023182210549IN98DD1411FT900, EndFed 24m. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric20 may 2023202010549IN98DD1411Night, FT900, EndFed. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric7 may 2023194010529IN98DD1411FT450, EndFed. Weak but steady. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric27 sept 2023180010515IN98DD1411FT847 & EndFed. Clear signal. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric09 sept 2033193610539IN98DD1411End fed antenna. Greatings from Rennes.
F4FAPEric28 nov 2021152510539IN98DD1411Some QSB. FT900, and EndFed 23m long, decoded with MultiPsk. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric11 june 2021181010569IN96HI1558FT857 + Tuning box FC40 + 9.85m wire. Little QSB. 73 from the Atlantic sea coast.
F4FAPEric29 may 2021175110459IN98DD1411Some QSB, sometimes rising up to 579. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric11 may 2021185510559IN98DD1411Quiet steady this evening, good decoding. FT900, center fed 2 x 12m, 10 to 5m AGL. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric28 apr 2021071510569IN98DD1411Steady. 73 de Eric, Rennes.
F4FAPEric27 apr 2021152510589IN98DD1411Loud and clear ! 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric22 apr 2021124310559IN98DD1411Light QSB but clear. Some guys talking nearby... 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric10 apr 2021190010589IN98DD1411Light QSB. FT8 ? very close to freq. Center fed 2x12m, FT900. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric5 april 2021162010579IN98DD1411Steady, loud and clear. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric17 mar 2021182010579IN98DD1411Steady and clear. Overtaken by FT8, same freq. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric10 march 2021153510586IN98DD1411Tone unsteady, light QSB. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric20 feb 2021142010549IN98DD141173 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric17 jan 2021121510569IN98DD1411Light QSB but nicely heard. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric08 dec 2021172810419IN98DD1411Weakening. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric04 dec 2021113010569IN98DD1411Light QSB - 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric30 dec 2020083010569IN98DD141173 and happy 2021 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric19 dec 2020091510569IN98DD1411Steady signal. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric10 dec 2020081110579IN98DD1411Some qsb from time to time. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric25 nov 2020112010549IN98DD1411Steady signal. 73 fromn Rennes.
F4FAPEric14 nov 2020084510549IN98DD1411Slow QSB. FT900, sloped center fed 2x12m, 6 to 10m AGL. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric11 nov 2020071010569IN98DD1411FT900, center fed 2x12m. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric05 oct 2020070010559IN98DD141173 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric30 oct 2020142810318IN98DD1411Weak sig with QSB. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric27 oct 2020082110579IN98DD141173 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric23 oct 2020065010579IN98DD1411Always please to hear this little bcn. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric18 oct 2020071110579IN98DD1411Steady sig. FT900, center fed 2x12m. 73 from Rennes.
F4FAPEric13 oct 2020080510489IN98DD1411QSB, sometimes going up to 599, improving. 73 from Rennes, north-western France.
F4FAPEricMarch 26 2020083310589IN98DD1411QSB : mainly 589, sometimes shortly unreadable. IC718, dipole 2x10m, Palstar tuning box, FLDIGI decoder. 73.
F4FAPEric14.03.2020065110599IN98DD1411Dipole 2x10m & IC718, Rennes - 73
F4FAPEric26070910589IN98DD1411Dipole 2x10m, IC718. 73 from Rennes. Eric.
F4FAPEric10 feb 2020092710599IN98DD1411QTH : Rennes. Light QSB. Dipole 2x10m, IC718.
F4FAPEricdec 04, 2016155010569IN98DD14112 x 10 m dipole. Rennes.