Beacon log for callsign AA1A, with 4 total loggings, all band counted
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AA1ADave04/11/200823:200.5ARGO FN42PB5832Gudday, Good signal among 500 khz carriers. See many passes very good copy... 73s from Dave @ 'BO' FN42pb You are using SAQ antenna, yes??? hi hi
AA1ADave29/01/09121510519FN42PB5832Good CW copy today. = VVV QRPP Beacon DE SK6RUD = QTH JO67ki = Pse rprt to = DASH DASH DASH Peak 529
AA1ADave13/01/20091830Z10ARGOFN42PB5832Received a CW signal via ARGO on 10133011 hz. which correlates correct frequency with SK6RUD, also saw dash every minute plus a few seconds and the dash line decreased in frequency by approximately 1 hz. each time. Am not sure if this counts as a reception report and there was no audio reception but it does agree with information received from Gunnar@SK6RUD as to transmitter charactistics on 10 mhz. Happy New Year to all from Dave - AA1A...
AA1ADave13/01/09153310???0When conditions are OK to Europe on 30M then I see what looks like keyed CW beacon on 10.133011. Not audible but on ARGO. Can you confirm CW frequency? This may help to ID your 10133 beacon. TNX from Dave - AA1A