Beacon log for callsign WD2XSH/17, with 11 total loggings, all band counted
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WD2XSH/17Dave31/01/0901200.5ARGOFN42PB5832You and Gus are coming in very nice tonight, quiet and not too much QRM on 500.000. Also M0BMU was fine on WSPR mode. Copy Gus 5X5 under 1 watt. TNX from Dave/17
WD2XSH/17Dave23/01/092300Z0.5ARGOFN42PB5832Excellent copy tonight. You are all alone @ 500kc. I can hear tone but not Q5. Almost no QSB, perfect ARGO copy on one pass. TNX from Dave
WD2XSH/17Dave23/01/0903150.5ARGOFN42PB5832Excellent peaks out of the QSB tonight from noise to +23DB, very good clean ARGO lines. Keep up good work, you are clear of very strong steady carrier down 1 hz. 73s and Happy New Year to ALL... Dave @ WD2XSH/17
WD2XSH/17Dave22/01/0902440.5QRSSFN42PB5832Very strong sigs tonight on 500kc. in excellent conditions. About 3db above local noise here.
WD2XSH/17Dave12/01/0901050.5Q5FN42PB5832Another good night of copy. QSB up and down about 3 characters at a time. require several passes to see all the characters. Using 430' vertical loop and seeing you through QRN2-3 and 500kc. beats from broadcast stations. You are doing good, and Happy New Year to all. 73s from Dave @ WD2XSH/17
WD2XSH/17Dave26/12/0800300.5ARGOFN42PB5832Much QRN and many carriers near 500 tonight but you are in there.
WD2XSH/17Dave - AA1A18/12/200821550.55X3FN42PB5832Best signal to date in the colonies, very good ARGO capture, conditions are exceptional tonight.
WD2XSH/17Dave14/12/200800200.52x1 AFN42PB5832Good ID after several passes. Good conditions tonight. Now using 430' vertical and smaller loop to null the QRN, it helps. Keep up good works, still trying to hear you on 30M. 73s from Dave - AA1A ( in the colonies )
WD2XSH/17Dave11/30/20082300Z0.5QRSS3FN42PB5832Weak but readable tonight. Did you move to 500.003? 73s from Dave, in the Colonies... 430' vertical loop...
WD2XSH/17Dave06/11/200802350.5Q5FN42PB5832Even in lots of QRN ( S7 ) you are printing clean lines on ARGO screen... Keep up good work, also heard/saw Gus BHZ tonight at sunset... VY 73s de Dave - AA1A
WD2XSH/17Dave05/11/20080409Z0.5Q5 ARFN42PB5832Good sigs all night... 400' vertical loop