Beacon log for callsign HB9CVQ, with 14 total loggings, all band counted
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HB9CVQAndy08. Oct. 201807:3010549JN47EI11512x36m Doublet @24m , K3S 250 Hz CW , S/N 12 dB, ca. 10d slow QSB
HB9CVQAndy05.Oct.201808:5510549JN47EI1151S/N ratio about 15 dB , some QRN, on 2x36m dipole , center up 24m
HB9CVQAndy01. Oct. 201817:1010569JN47EI11513 el. Yagi , K3S , QSB 15 dB, no QRM
HB9CVQAndy01. Oct. 201808:3510579JN47EI1151---2x36m tuned dipole here, 24m in feed point high, ends about 14 m high,legs 100deg apart ---calibrated S-meter of K3S --QRM by commercial TX ( ca. 2.5KHz , BW) on QRG ---QRM Direction: North North East from here on 3 el Yagi (DB18E)589 max for SA6RR, 15dB S/N max (250Hz), about 10dB QSB ---QTH near Zurich
HB9CVQAndy11-March-2016115710579JN47EI11512x36m doublet up 25m ,K3S, can hear beacon with strong QSB from 559 to 589 QTH nr Zurich ( 25 km SW Airport)
HB9CVQandy26-Sept-201507:3410579JN47EI1151K3 on 2x36m doublet (110degree) up 25m, sloping down to ca. 15m at leg ends 579 max ,559 min QTH nr. Zurich
HB9CVQandy16-May-201519:4510579JN47EI1151on 3 el Yagi Stepper DB18E, K3 QTH nr. Zurich
HB9CVQAndy3-July-2014175410569JN47EI1151qth nr zurich , 3 element yagi, k3
HB9CVQAndy31. Aug. 201315:3910559JN47EI1151nr. Zurich on 3 el yagi DB18E Steppir condx not good 73 Andy
HB9CVQAndy15. Jan. 201213:1910569JN47EI11513 el Yagi (Stepper DB18E), Flex 5000 About 559 to QSB max. 579 over 10min oberservation
HB9CVQandy18.Dec.201112:2710559JN47EI1151559 (3.2 microV/-97dBm/50Ohm) on Flex 5KC and tuned 2x36m sloping V-dipole , up 25m some QRN (about 10dB baseline shift) Noise Floor -118 dB (25Hz)
HB9CVQAndy11. June 201112:4010549JN47EI11513 el. Yagi NNE (35deg) QSB ca. 2 S-Units QTH nr Zurich
HB9CVQAndy19.07.201020:2010599JN47EI11513 El, trap Yagi, K3 with Flex 5000C as Panorama RX, my QTH nr. Zurich good signals from sk6rud, QSB S6 to S9 ( S9 = 50uV @ 50 Ohm) 10.133 MHz
HB9CVQAndy22. Aug. 0812:2210539JN47EI1151QTH nr Zurich Orion 2 + 3 el Yagi 16m up Strong QSB